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We offer special discounts for the following:
- Senior Citizens
- Non-Profit Organizations
- Special Interest Groups
- Longterm Service Contracts

For special discounts, please call for a price quote. For prices on Web Page Design and Web Page Maintenance, please contact Christopher for a price quote.

Travel charge: $1 per mile (round trip) (some exceptions and/or other charges may apply)
Labor: $50 per hour (two hour minimum)
Parts: Cost plus 10% (some exceptions and/or other charges may apply)
Wireless Networking: New or existing for your home or small business. (call for quote)
Complete PC security analysis: Installation of hardware and software security suite of you choice, including firewall, anti-virus, spyware detection and data encryption. (call for quote)
Phone support 24/7: $50 for the first 30 minutes $50 for each additional hour. Four hour maximum per day. Other telecommunication charges may apply. (No Text Messages) Standard phone inquiries such as price quotes are always free. Some exception may apply. Please see Joe's FAQ page and Joe's Linux page You may also want to try out our new online support page
E-Mail Support 24/7: One free e-mail per week. $15 for each additional e-mail. Four e-mail maximum per day. Other telecommunication charges may apply. Standard e-mail inquiries such as price quotes are always free. Response time may vary. Some exception may apply.
On site consulting: $50 per hour plus travel charges (two hour minimum) Overtime $75 per hour (anything past 8 hours per day is overtime)

The following charges are in addition to labor cost.
Software application installation: $10 per application, plus the cost of the software. Configuration is extra.
Software configuration: For most applications, $10 per hour. Some business software requires extra time. Be prepared.
Operating System Installation: $75 plus the cost of the Operating System. (Does not include configuration. We will however setup one basic user account, default settings only)
Advanced Operating System Configuration: $20 for the first hour and $10 for each hour after. We will only install Operating Systems that are supported at the time of service.

The following charges bellow supersede labor costs.
Advanced Data Recovery: ALL file systems; $200 per hour. (No Exceptions)
Advanced Virus Detection: $50 per hour. We can not guarantee that all viruses will be removed, however we will do everything we can to get your system up and running better, faster and safer then before it was scanned for viruses. Although most users have anti virus software installed on their system, we have found that about 99% of all computers worked on are still infected. This is the most common reason for computer performance degradation. Note that scanning a computer for viruses can sometimes take a long time. We will not charge for more then 3 hours to do a full scan. However, if the time of the scan looks like it will take more then three hours we may want to take the computer with us and work on it at our workshop. In some other insistences it may also be necessary to take the computer to our workshop for fixing.

Additional charges may apply.
We are based in Washington DC, However, I will travel to any part the USA. I try to make myself available 24/7 excluding inclement weather, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

FYI: As you may, or may not know, there is an increasing trend of built in obsolescence in the computer industry. For this reason we will not charge a customer more then the replacement value of a computer system to repair or upgrade it. Please note that the customer is responsible for all data backup prior to installing, repairing, or upgrading a computer system. We will either setup a system for you to buy, or we can build one to your specifications and set it up for you. Most setups do not take more then the two hour minimum, This does not include installing software, that will cost extra (see above). A standard setup includes first time boot of the pre-installed Operating System to setup the user account default settings, setup of keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer (note: some all-in-one / printer / scanner / fax / systems take longer to setup). Also note: If you have a custom built system, there needs to be an Operating System installed. I will install and setup the Operating System for an extra fee (see above) plus the cost of the Operating System itself. You can expect to pay about $300 for a new copy of Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System. If you have a copy of Windows you bought your self it must be a version that is still supported. Windows 2000/XP Home and Pro will be supported until the year 2014. Windows 3.1/95/98/Me are no longer supported and we will not install them. If however you already have one of these older versions installed we will work with you. We would however strongly suggest that you upgrade your computer. If you choose an open source OS (Linux) the cost will be much less. See Joe D'Angelo 's Page for a list of other Operating Systems he will work on. You can choose to have us build and setup the system, or you can set it up yourself. We don't recommend this for most people. You will most likely end up pulling out your hair and calling us or some other computer technician anyway.

All pricing and availability is subject to change without notice.

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  • "Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris."
    - Larry Wall
  • "The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit."
    - Unknown

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